Who we are

The tradition from 1999 is what differs us from the competitors.

We are Czech company strongly focused on ecological way so thinking who is producer, as well as commercial and advisory company with specialty of rubber production, and recyclation of both rubber and plastic materials. Thanks to great investments to innovative technologies our company rapidly grows, and becomes important player on the comprehensive market with rubber granulates.

Daniel Kral Ltd. production is focused on producing rubber and plastic granulates, and also on producing rubber powder. We are also focused on ecological disposal of technological waste from both rubber, and plastic materials. Production takes place on efficient recycling lines Alpine with effective separator so yarn and dust, also on the sowing equipment and metal indicators.

We are more than popular on the international markets – more than 90% of production is exported to truly challenging markets of the European Union, Scandinavia, Great Britain, USA and Middle East.


Daniel Král
Mankovice 30, 742 35 Odry
+420 737 522 298


Ždánice 153, 281 63 Kostelec n. Č. l.
+420 605 523 475